Monday, August 22, 2011

Birthday Fun

by Carolyn Bahr

A few weeks ago, Marla ditched work and heading out for some cross country fun. With Reese, keeping both Sparky and Simon company in the trailer, we headed out to Shepherd Ranch for a day of Schooling.

Nahmi and Simon, rocked the course, taking most of the preliminary jumps in style. I think a move up is in their near future. They both looked amazing. And of course, we all loved the huge grin and pigtails Nahmi wore throughout the day.

Next up, Marla and Reese had their first serious cross country schooling. By the end, they were jumping smoothly and having fun. What a great way to spend your birthday.

Nahmi with Sparky started knocking off the rust tackling combos of training and preliminary jumps. Sparky certainly showed his enthusiasm being back in the field.

And me? With no room in the trailer, Junior stayed at home, but I was able to get some great videos, though risking life and limb to capture the shot. Hey Santa, how about a high definition camcorder this Christmas?