Sunday, February 28, 2010

Twin Rivers Aptly Named???

The first day of the Twin Rivers show started off with a peak of sunshine just long enough for Nahmi to get in her 4th place dressage test. The overcast skies grew more threatening as the day went on, prompting the show folks to run the upper levels of cross country a day ahead of time before rain made the footing too dangerous. The Advanced, Intermediate riders were able to complete their rides but the last few got a little damp as the rain refused to hold off for just a little longer.

Fortunately, Tina got her dressage ride on Destino done in the nick of time. The rain held off really coming down until she was back in her stall. Of course, Nahmi and Carolyn decided to talk their ponies out for a hand walk just as the heavens opened and rain of biblical proportions fell right on top of their heads.

Rainy Day Blues

Overnight, wind and rain wreaked havoc with the cross-country course as well as, sadly, Tina’s County Saddle tent. The lower level cross-country rounds were postponed until Sunday, pending a decision about the footing then.

Tina, being the hard-core eventer that she is, rode Destino in the off-and-onish rain to have an extraordinary round with no jump penalties and two time faults. After an appropriate amount of time to allow a little shopping, the heavens opened up once again. And who do you think was out walking their horses at the time? You guessed it, Carolyn and Nahmi!!

Wine tasting seemed like a really good idea for the rest of the afternoon…

So that’s what we did! The rain seemed to conspire against Nahmi getting to jump her round so we all took off and tasted some really great local wines. Many thanks to the good folks at Tobin James Winery, Clautiere (the wigs were a blast!) and ESO Winery for the generous pours and interesting recommendations.

It’s the end of the day, the sun is out (as are the neighbors sheep) and it’s a brilliant sunset. Fingers crossed about Nahmi’s rides tomorrow.

Meanwhile, it’s bull-riding for all but the decrepit (me) and savoring our excellent wine purchases back at the hotel before an early lights out.

No Joy In Mudville – literally

Sunday morning brought a huge blanket of mist but no more rain. Still, the ring hadn’t dried out enough to make it worth risking Sparky’s legs, especially since the event suddenly (and very responsibly) turned into a Combined Test with no cross-country for anyone but the big boys. On the up-side, Cappa bought a suuuuper cool cross-country jump that’s a bench on one side and a roll top on the other. Donations more than welcome to pay for this really sturdy well made jump.

To see the slide show of the weekend,click here and hit "slideshow".