Friday, May 7, 2010

Big Welcome to the newest Sapphire ponies

Congrats to Sapphirians Sherry H. and Carolyn B. for buying their next perfect event partners last Wednesday!

Sherry found the regal Poznan after months of searching and several heartbreaking close calls with failed vet checks, etc. Pozer may easily be the biggest horse in our barn, which is fitting since Sherry is easily the tallest rider! He's been with Michelle for a while and has some amazing gaits as well as a very cuddly personality. He also has this absurd amount of mane and tail that will satisfy Sherry's need to groom for hours on end!

Carolyn found Junior, a skinny diamond in the rough, after hours of grueling horse shopping. (Yes, hours... and that's really only if you count the drive down to look at him.) She sat on, er.... just one horse. Lucky for her he's exactly the right horse, with a big canter, a trot that's got potential once he gets used to his new digs, and lots of chrome. The big question of "will he jump" was answered this week as he nonchalantly went over the scary Sapphire plank as if he's been doing it for years. Ok, there were a few baubles at first but what an amazing baby to figure it out in just a few trips (and I do mean trips) over the fence.

Can't wait to see both ladies competing their horses soon!