Sunday, January 17, 2010

Party Wars: Sapphire Vs. Equites

Carolyn & I went down to Temecula to audit the always amazing Ian Stark clinic (more on that at a later post) and made a side trip to 3 Day Ranch to see honorary Sapphirian Larry Sawyer and his new horse Caboose. It was the Holsteiner's first cross-country foray in this country and he was a super star.

Take a look at the size of their "refreshment" cups vs. ours, however. Honestly, who would you rather go to a horse show with? All kidding aside, the Equites folks were a lot of fun and great to hang out with. Best to all of them in the coming year.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blue Moon brings New Moon to Day Creek

The year started off with a bang so far. Not only was there a (relatively) rare "Blue Moon" on New Year's Eve, Michelle brought her new horse, Moon, home to Day Creek Ranch.

A (nearly) 5-yr-old Irish TB, his official name is Race the Moon (I think). Michelle is open to any and all suggestions of show name that use "Moon" but haven't been done to death. Ideas?

Click here to see the whole Moon-shot album...